Helping you to make sense of your technology needs.

If you aren’t familiar with technology, you should have an expert follow you for a day. They will be inclined to offer suggestions on leveraging your time and effort via technology in new and unforeseen ways.


  • Helping you to make sense of your technology needs.
  • Customized common sense approach to technology.
  • Taking the fear out of technology
  • Bringing ease to the next evolution of your technology
  • Have you heard “I only use this thing as a phone, not all that other stuff”? Why not? What are you missing? What’s stopping you?


  • Sync and protect: Email, contacts, calendar, notes, bluetooth
  • Password management: creation, security, access
  • Connect: various devices working together
  • Purchases: research, shop, recommend
  • Total solution: Interview, create a plan, execute and implement
  • Tutorial: voicemail, OS, shortcuts, typing, voice commands
  • Entertainment: apps, services, creation, etc
  • Apps: productivity, play, education, etc
  • Media: manage, create, share